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About AVA

AVA stories is created by women, for women, with women’s health and satisfaction in mind. AVA celebrates and normalizes female desire, encouraging women to explore their fantasies in a safe, consensual, and women-built environment.

Job description

Write for us!
We are looking for creative minds who want to write content for us.
AVA is a place for education, inspiration, and self-empowerment. With content promoting health and well-being, AVA encourages women to build a good relationshipwith themselves and their bodies.
We love to hear what YOUR imagination is all about!
This is the time to let your fantasy wild and free.
Our aim is to inspire, and to excite, in a women-built environment and now you have your chance to put your imagination or maybe the best experienceyou have had, into words – words that can become one of our audio stories and be a joyful moment for many others.

We have:

Job recruitment

Who are you?
• You love stories and to make them and have an active and sensual imagination
• No experience writing for audio is required. But a sense and ability for writing realistic characters, dialogue, and interesting storylines.
• Experience from digital audio and recording is a plus.