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Full stack developer

Job description

We are looking for a full stack developer who wants to take on tasks from start to end – from idea to solution to deployment in GCP. Our app is developed in Flutter, the backend is written in Golang and we use an open source headless CMS called strapi. Everything is running on Google Cloud Platform. 

What’s the overall project

AVA Stories is an app where women can listen and (or) read erotic stories. It’s also an app where you can learn about your body and read educational content from experts and professionals – everything in both audio and text. Serving the best experience with no interruption and providing the best personalization for our customers.


We are building an app where the experience is everything. Help us create that one cutting edge place where women can  indulge in eroticism and sex through an app.

Required skills

  • Flutter
  • Golang
  • Firestore
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud Platform (would be nice)
  • Kubernetes (would be nice)

Expected mindset 

  • Self going and creative
  • Strong technical background (Minimum of 3 years)
  • Excellent communication skills (Swedish is a plus but definitely not a must)

What’s in it for you

  • You will get a lot of responsibility
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Lots of freedom and space for growth
  • Work closely with the management of AVA Stories
  • Get to be involved in everything from the product roadmap to infrastructure decisions

The personal touch 

  • Being a startup your get to have a lot of responsibility and opportunity to really make the product your own and make an impact


About AVA

AVA Stories is the place for women to indulge in eroticism and sex. Created by women, for women, with women’s health and happiness in mind. AVA encourages women to explore their sexual desires, shame free, by celebrating female sexuality, and normalizing female pleasure.

Job description

Write for us!

We are looking for all of you who want to write content for us. Sensual, erotic novels – or playful guided masterclasses with a sexy edge for our listeners.

We love to hear what YOUR fantasy is all about! 

This is the time to let your fantasy wild and free.

Our aim is to inspire, and to excite you, in a wonderful way for you to find out more about your sexuality. And now you have your chance to put your secret fantasy, or maybe the best experience you have had, into words – words that can become one of our audio stories and be a joyful moment for many others.


Job recruitment

  • You HAVE imagination and is super creative
  • You love stories and make them
  • You will have an active and sexy imagination
  • Recording experience
  • Access to professional recording programs and equipment