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The therapist: How to move on from a sexual trauma A sexual trauma can mean anything from someone pawing at you, to your partner exposing you to sex against your will, to grow up with incest. Conversation therapist Annelie Djerf tells you how you can move on after an abuse.Annelie Djerf is a conversational therapist […]

By: Gabriella | February 22, 2021

Do I masturbate to much?

ENG: No you don’t masturbate to much. There is only one thing that could be a problem..…and that is if it’s stands in the way for some very important things that you have to do. But what should we count as important? To feel good – should be on the top of your and everyone’s […]

By: Gabriella |

How is the vagina ageing?

Have you ever thought about how unique and amazing your pussy is? In addition to having its own ecosystem and being able to give birth to children, it can look basically the same from puberty to the age of 50 – but after that.. the big change takes place.. BUT.. there are a few things that […]

By: Gabriella | February 16, 2021

We tell you more about our podcast

We are interviewing a wide range of different profiles that have a interesting story or information to tell.You can listen to experiences from everything from between sexperts, industry professionals, profiles living a secret life, public figures who tell you something you never heard about them before to important organisations who are working with strengthening women.What […]

By: Gabriella |

What is audio erotica

AVA stories is a female founded company, empowering women to own and access their sexuality on their terms. What we are used to find when looking for something erotic it’s usually porn. Even tho there is a much bigger spectrum and selection than a few years ago we can’t escape the fact that the porn industry […]

By: Gabriella | February 15, 2021