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What is AVA stories?

AVA stories is an audio app with short sensual audio stories, series, tutorials, podcasts etc. created for women by women with women´s health and satisfaction in mind. AVA celebrates and normalises female desire, encouraging women to explore their fantasies in a safe, consensual, and women-built environment.

AVA is also a place for education, inspiration, and self-empowerment. With content promoting health and well-being, AVA encourages women to build a good relationship with themselves and their bodies.

Who is behind AVA?

AVA was founded by the Swedish women Rosanna Thun and Linnea Taube and backed by a number of angel investors. Read more about the team here.

How do I end my subscription? 

You access your Apple account from your iPhone, under subscriptions you will see AVA stories, from there you can choose to end your subscription.

Google Play:
On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store .
1. Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.
2. Tap Menu Subscriptions.
3. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
4. Tap Cancel subscription.
5. Follow the instructions.

How much does a subscription cost?

It will depend on which country your Apple account is linked to. In Sweden the rate is 69 SEK for a monthly subscription and 499 SEK for a yearly subscription.

Can I write for AVA stories?

We are looking for all of you who want to write content for us. Sensual, realistic novels – or playful guided masterclasses with a sexy edge for our listeners. We love to hear what YOUR fantasy is all about! Contact us at

I have a great voice, do you want to hear it?

Let us hear it! Our sexy audio stories do need voices so if you feel that your voice would be perfect for this please don´t hesitate. We especially welcome accents. Contact us at:

I have technical questions regarding the app?

Please contact us on:

Are we hiring?

We are always looking for great new team members. Please check out our Job Openings here or send us an e-mail.