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What is AVA stories?

AVA Stories is an app where you can experience a place, a story studio, for women to indulge in erotism and sex. It has been created by women for women with women´s health and happiness in mind. It is a place for the exploration of sexual fantasies and desires in a respectful way. We want to encourage women to explore their sexual desires, shame free, by celebrating female sexuality, and normalizing female pleasure. 

Is it just about sex?

AVA is more than desire and sexual pleasure – it is also a place for education. A place for women to learn more about their bodies, take a Tantra-course or indulge in, inspiring articles and podcasts. It is about helping women build good relationships with their bodies and their sexuality.

Who created AVA?

AVA is created by Rosanna Thun and Linnea Taube. 
– As women ourselves, women’s wellbeing is a topic that is obviously close to us and AVA has been designed with women’s sexuality, lust and happiness in mind. By creating a safe and private space for women to indulge in erotica, we are encouraging them to explore their sexual desires shame free. We want to help normalize female erotism, and to make more women get in touch with their sexuality – we all need to own our sexuality.

How does the free trial work?

Free trial is active for 7 days, if you don’t cancel your subscription before that you will automatically enroll in the subscription of your choice. 

Why do I have to choose a payment method for the free trial period?

Because the free trial is part of the subscription, it will automatically subscribe you after the 7 days.

How do I end my subscription? 

You access your Apple account from your iPhone, under subscriptions you will see AVA Stories, from there you can choose to end your subscription.

Where do I find AVA stories?

App Store. Soon you will also find us on Google Play. 

How much does a subscription cost?

It will depend on which country your Apple account is linked to, but in Sweden it costs 69kr for a monthly subscription and 499kr for a yearly subscription.

Can I write for AVA stories?

We are looking for all of you who want to write content for us. Sensual, erotic novels – or playful guided masterclasses with a sexy edge for our listeners. We love to hear what YOUR fantasy is all about! 

Our aim is to inspire, and to excite you, in a wonderful way for you to find out more about your sexuality. And now you have your chance to put your secret fantasy, or maybe the best experience you have had, into words – words that can become one of our audio stories and be a joyful moment for many others.

I have a great voice, do you want to hear it?

Let us hear it! Our sexy audio stories do need voices so if you feel that your voice would be perfect for this please don´t hesitate. We especially welcome accents.